We provide hassle free parcel express services across the city and its environs. Our excellent network and our friendly relations in the industry have made us deliver timely and reliable services to our customers and clients. Once you have booked your call with us it’s our responsibility to ensure we deliver

Specialized Service Desk solution
Here are our solutions on Specified Service Desk:

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Errandboy is also proud to offer banking delivery services for our business partners and customers. This unique business delivery service frees you and your staff from coordinating and executing time-consuming bank deposits and runs.
At Errandboy courier we believe in having deeper and more meaningful engagement with our clients as well as business customers, this implies that each and every one of our personel is highly qualified to handle our client’s banking delivery needs.
What really sets us apart from our larger, national competitors is our specialty delivery services. At Errandboy we strive to provide our customers with services they won't find anywhere else and that is why we offer financial delivery services to Banks, Business and even private individuals.
• We work with you to design a customized banking delivery schedule that includes:
• Payroll Pick-Ups
• Payment Deposits
• Branch Pick-Ups
• Branch Deliveries
• Check Deposits
• Tender Exchange
• Financial Transactions



A messenger is assigned to collect, coordinate, and log-in all mail sent within or outside your office premises. His duty can also include photocopying and running errands. This service is offered to both long and short-term basis.



We also offer bill payment services such as electricity bills, Water bills, and we could at one point or another present your complaints to the relevant companies or organizations if it’s a minor case.
Our services are also inclusive of shopping services. This is most preferred where the client maybe held up somewhere else, or extremely busy. The client sends us the shopping list, we purchase the goods with our own money and then deliver the goods to our clients’ premises or desired location. This service allows the customer to pay on delivery of the goods so as to ensure convenience for the client.



This service is offered to those who do not have an account with us. Clients can call for service on “in need” basis. This service is suitable to individuals or institutions with any type of mail or package delivery, of any volume.