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Errandboy is a young courier organization with the aim of understanding the courier needs of our clients and structuring our delivery services in such a manner that suits their needs.

At Errandboy, we believe in having a deeper and more meaningful engagements with our clients that would enable us discern their needs so as to provide an outstanding service that far exceeds the norm of doing deliveries.



To establish a dominant presence in the delivery service industry through building and re-shaping ecosystems for the betterment of the community.

At Errandboy, we believe in the significance of enabling and serving entrepreneurs, SME’s and large business organizations in a manner that would ensure the delivery of lucrative opportunities at their door step. This comes as part of our continuous efforts to understand their needs and provide them with the required support and services.

Getting access to logistical services is extremely crucial to the expansion and growth of both the private and the public sector. Especially for the private sector particularly the SME’s that often face challenges in accessing competitive rates, finding customized solutions and connecting with local capacity and expertise related to this industry. We intend to step in and bridge this gap in providing efficient and accessible logistical services that would allow such firms to compete effectively in their ecosystem.



To go over and beyond parcel or package delivery and into delivering lucrative opportunities as well as solutions for all.

Our services are designed in such a manner that allows us to approach our clients’ industry, having vast amounts of knowledge that would see us provide solutions through developing a tailored delivery system that would meet the business objectives of each of our clients. In addition to our norm of doing business, we offer consulting services that would enable our clients take advantage of the lucrative opportunities that present themselves in their industry. Our services guarantee that our clients will have a competitive edge in their ecosystem.



As an independent courier service firm, we are committed to a goal-oriented style of leadership that is centered on ethical management and an operational culture founded on self-examination and never-ending refinement in service that will suite our clients’ courier needs.

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We are customer centered and our aim is to improve your business. Here is what some of our clients have to say in regard to our services:

Errandboy courier agency has been courteous, reliable, and professional in their approach to servicing our delivery needs. They have a reasonable pricing model that is economical. Their services are outstanding as they extend beyond their norm of operations, I would recommend them to anyone.

Amissabuor Henry

Amissabuor Henry

Moncal Tours and Travel

We have found that Errandboy Courier Agency consistently adheres to our schedule as well as being very responsive to any emergencies that may arise. They have always been willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. Mr. Donald and his drivers have always handled confidential packages with the utmost respect.



CEO, Acme-Tech Ltd

Errandboy services are prompt and efficient, they got you covered when you want goods delivered fast.



From Bondo
Amissabuor HenryMoncal Tours and TravelJamesCEO, Acme-Tech LtdNancyFrom Bondo


We incorporate speed and professionalism as part of our trademark. At Errandboy we believe that Fast deliveries boost the customer confidence in our client’s brand. A good brand automatically leads to increased sales and revenue for our client’s business.

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