Our clients now have the opportunity of making payments after 3 months of constant service…..

At Errandboy we like to be proactive and stay on top of the prevailing needs our clients. We understand that times can be challenging and in such challenging business times the rate of cashflow particularly to businesses may reduce. This may cause a strain to businesses when paying suppliers and delivery agencies. That is why we are here to offer a specialized service that allows us do deliveries for our clients for upto 3 months, while clients strive to meet their cash flow projection in staying cashflow positive.

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100% Approved

by Customers

Errandboy courier agency has been courteous, reliable, and professional in their approach to servicing our delivery needs. They have a reasonable pricing model that is economical. Their services are outstanding as they extend beyond their norm of operations, I would recommend them to anyone.

Amissabuor Henry

Amissabuor Henry

Moncal Tours and Travel

We have found that Errandboy Courier Agency consistently adheres to our schedule as well as being very responsive to any emergencies that may arise. They have always been willing to go the extra mile to provide excellent customer service. Mr. Donald and his drivers have always handled confidential packages with the utmost respect.



CEO, Acme-Tech Ltd

Errandboy services are prompt and efficient, they got you covered when you want goods delivered fast.



From Bondo
Amissabuor HenryMoncal Tours and TravelJamesCEO, Acme-Tech LtdNancyFrom Bondo


Guided by our vision;

  • To establish a dominant presence in the delivery service industry through building and re-shaping ecosystems for the betterment of the community.

Errandboy courier agency has an innate desire to see our mother land, Kenya, promise its children that they will Live. To “Live” in this context implies that each Kenyan would have an enhanced chance of embracing their desires given the vast amounts of opportunities that are available in their environment. Desires such as Education, Employment in their preferred field and the ability to exist and live in whichever part of the country without having to struggle or beg for opportunities. We are optimistic that this is more than possible.

We believe that optimization of resources in the public sector but especially in the private sector is crucial to the realization of such goals that would shape our Motherland Kenya for the better and would see us take advantage of various lucrative opportunities within our nation.

That is why at Errandboy, we have taken an initiative to optimize knowledge as a resource by having to collect data, analyze, interpret and present it as actionable information relevant to our client’s business needs.

It is said that knowledge is power, at Errandboy we believe that application of knowledge is true power. The challenge that most businesses face today with regards to information asymmetry, is the inability to access and analyze meaningful information that would enable them make profitable decisions. Particularly in most situations, information would exist but would remain inaccessible through practical means. Often critical information takes too long to get to decision makers, rendering it useless for operational planning.

At Errandboy we intend to bridge this gap, by conducting a feasibility study and pulling of all data sources that would enable us collate information, process it and advice our clients’ in the most productive manner that would see them, make strategic decision as it relates to their competitive environment. Our objective in this case is to present unprecedented insights about the various factors that may influence our client’s business operations both negatively and positively.

Why negatively? We understand that productive insights also involves risk mitigation strategies. Understanding factors that pose as threats would enable the organization to develop risk mitigation strategies that would help to minimize or eliminate negative implications caused by the threats.

We understand that the growth of our clients could have a positive correlation to the growth of our organization and that is why we are focused on providing services that are above and beyond expectation.