Errandboy provides the best Delivery Services in Nairobi. We believe in the significance of enabling and serving entrepreneurs, SME’s and large business organizations in a manner that would ensure the delivery of lucrative opportunities at their door step. This comes as a result of our believe in having a deeper and more meaningful engagements with our clients that would enable us discern their needs so as to provide an outstanding service that far exceeds the norm of doing deliveries.

Here are some of the benefits you get from working with us…

  1. There is less capital investment as well as reduced costs.
    • We take care of our client’s business shipping concerns. It, therefore, means that you no longer have to use your fleet to manage company deliveries. Your business can, therefore, make savings on vehicle expenses that include fuel, maintenance, and repair costs. It further helps reduce the cost of hiring personnel to operate the delivery system and any other overhead costs that relate to deliveries.
  2. There is enhanced Budgeting capabilities and Resource management for our clients
    • Clients now have the advantage of acquiring, allocating and utilizing resources more efficiently so as to increase their productive capacity without ever having to worry about the delivery needs.
  3. Our clients have the advantage of concentrating on their core line of business without having to worry about any deliveries.
    • Relying on us to make your deliveries affords you time and resources to focus on your core business. This allows our clients to have a positive impact on their level of productivity and it also increases our clients’ efficiency, and profitability, as such factors are considered as pillars of any company’s success story.
  4. Clients receive the best value for their money
    • We offer the best customized delivery services in Nairobi. This implies that depending on our client’s delivery needs, we can tailor our delivery packages to suit our client’s situation.
  5. Clients are assured of reliability, consistency, convenience and safety
    • We prioritize the needs of our clients and therefore have ensured that our services are on call each day of the week. This implies that we guarantee safe, consistent and reliable continuous delivery of our client’s products. Our clients tend to also have convenience in making savings that would have been incurred from having to pay delivery agents an overtime fee if they operate beyond their contractual hours.
  6. There is enhanced risk management, through the transfer of such risks and liabilities to us.
    • Every delivery made by a firm is to be secured from loss or damage. If the condition of the package is tampered with, as a result of a firm doing its own deliveries the firm would be considered liable to itself. Outsourcing such courier functions transfers the risks and liabilities to us and thus freeing the firm from being liable.
  7. Fast and Convenient delivery
    • We incorporate speed and professionalism as part of our trademark. At Errandboy we believe that Fast deliveries boost the customer confidence in our client’s brand. A good brand automatically leads to increased sales and revenue for our client’s business.
  8. Our clients have the advantage of accessing Additional services

These additional service packages include providing logistical as well as market information and solutions to our clients that would enable them navigate through economic conditions that may affect their business operation. Our clients stand to gain from several discounts once they have access to the various delivery services in Nairobi offered by our firm.


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Calculate the estimated cost of delivering your consignment with us. You can book us for your service as early as 14 days to delivery, as well as select your preferred vehicle. Enjoy the best delivery services in Nairobi and its environs from Errandboy.

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